Our technology at Cratos Health Calculated in Colorado Springs is what helps us separated from the rest of the health and wellness pack. Laser hair removal is one of the cosmetic procedures we offer in Colorado Springs, and we utilize a concentrated light beam for permanent hair removal. Our laser technology device emits a laser that is then absorbed by the hair’s melanin. The energy from the light converts to heat and destroys the hair follicles. The speed, precision, and effectiveness of laser hair reduction make it one of the most popular laser skin treatments in Colorado Springs or anywhere on the market.

Proven Laser Hair Removal in Colorado Springs

Laser hair removal works best in the bikini area, and on the lip, chin, and underarms. We have seen high success in Colorado Springs while using it to decrease hair on other areas as well. The laser technology is attracted to pigment, so the darker the unwanted hair, the most noticeable the results will be. At Cratos Health Calculated, we use only the best in class technology while administering laser skin treatments.

Cutting Edge Laser Treatment in Colorado Springs

At Cratos Health Calculated in Colorado Springs, we utilize Splendor X laser treatment technology. Using the high frequency of pulse reduction and a square head, this type of laser hair reduction works up to three times faster than other technology and works on all skin types and skin tones. This cutting edge style of laser hair removal is perfect for a wide variety of clients in the Colorado Springs area.

Laser Skin Treatment for Colorado Springs

In our Colorado Springs office, treatments are quick, and pain is minimal. During the treatment, a laser pulse is delivered into the targeted area, and a controlled amount of heat safely and effectively damages the hair follicles. With the help of our Cryo Touch technology, we deliver a cool touch to minimize heat in the treatment area. This neutralizes heat from the laser treatment, leading to a quicker recovery.

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Colorado consistently ranks among the top-five happiest and healthiest states. At Cratos we seek to improve every person in Colorado Springs, CO by offering specialized life improvement regimens and clinical treatments to help you. Regardless of your age or gender, there are reasons to seek out professional help with regards to your health, happiness, and overall performance in Colorado Springs, CO. Our specialists look at every unique aspect of your lifestyle, from genetic predispositions, to family history, and will work with you to find the best health regimen to fit your needs.

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