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Body Sculpting & Cellulite Reduction in Cimarron Hills, CO

As Cimarron Hills residents get older, their body shapes change due to the natural aging process and loss of elasticity. Body contouring and sculpting can help to smooth out or even eliminate excessive skin wherever it is but isn’t wanted. The body sculpting treatments we offer at our Cimarron Hills center might be exactly what you need to restore youthful elasticity to your skin layer. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today, and we can talk more about how we are able to help tighten and tone you.

Candidates for Body Sculpting in Cimarron Hills

If you are interested in sculpting and toning your body, we can use radiofrequency technology to do it. Our body sculpting and contouring treatments in Cimarron Hills are noninvasive. From young people with epidermis blemishes to elderly people looking to regain elasticity, they can benefit almost anyone. The wavelengths don’t interfere with skin pigmentation, so regardless of complexion or color, the procedure will work. If you are concerned about the current state of your skin, our Cimarron Hills body contouring specialists are here to help.

How Cellulite Reduction Works in Cimarron Hills

We use temperature-controlled body sculpting remedies in Cimarron Hills that incorporate differing radiofrequency wavelengths to target the layers of skin underneath the surface. This process works to warm collage and causes it to produce much faster, increasing the skin’s elasticity. Collagen decreases the look of cellulite, excess fat, and general lines and wrinkles. Our trained Cimarron Hills experts use NuEra equipment, which has been cleared by the FDA for radiofrequency heating. The system achieves great results on cellulite and pores and skin laxity.

Cimarron Hills Body Contouring – Target Areas

Our Cimarron Hills body sculpting treatments can help improve the look of the abdomen, buttocks, elbows, bra and back fat, flanks, inner and outer thighs, submental, upper arms, knees, and the skin around the eyes, cheeks, mouth, and neck. The treatments have success on many areas of the body; we’d love to discuss how the treatments will help you. Stretch marks, lumpy epidermis, and other aesthetic unpleasantries can benefit from our cellulite reduction and body sculpting treatments in Cimarron Hills.

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Colorado consistently ranks among the top-five happiest and healthiest states. At Cratos we seek to improve every person in Cimarron Hills, CO by offering specialized life improvement regimens and clinical treatments to help you. Regardless of your age or gender, there are reasons to seek out professional help with regards to your health, happiness, and overall performance in Cimarron Hills, CO. Our specialists look at every unique aspect of your lifestyle, from genetic predispositions, to family history, and will work with you to find the best health regimen to fit your needs.

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