TestoStim Testosterone Booster in Cañon City, CO

Testosterone is responsible for several important things like muscle and hair growth, development of reproductive tissue, and increased muscle mass. As men in Cañon City age, their levels of this hormone decrease, and that loss can be accompanied by a loss of libido, low energy, bone loss, and infertility. The doctors at Cratos Health Calculated in Cañon City can supply testosterone boosters like TestoStim to greatly help maintain healthy amounts in the later adult years.

Suffering from Low Testosterone in Cañon City?

You can get blood tests done in Cañon City to see if you have low testosterone. Testosterone may normally drop in aging males at a rate of up to three percent per year. It is estimated that five percent of men aged 40-50 and up to 70 percent of men over age 70 have low testosterone, a condition that is also called ‘hypogonadism' or ‘andropause.' If testosterone boosters sound like something that may benefit you, call to set up a consultation with this Cañon City providers.

Testosterone Boosters for Cañon City Patients

About 60 percent of testosterone in the body binds itself to a protein called globulin, while 38 percent of it really is weakly bound to the albumin protein. The remaining two percent is considered “free testosterone.” Weakly bound and free of charge testosterone are referred to as bioavailable testosterone, meaning that it is readily available for use by the body. As men in Cañon City age, bioavailable testosterone can decrease. You can expect testosterone boosters like TestoStim as a way for our patients in Cañon City to negate this.

TestoStim for Male Individuals in Cañon City

TestoStim is normally a testosterone booster that Cratos Health Calculated offers in Cañon City. It includes synergistic, antioxidant wealthy, bioactive extracts that may support physical and mental wellbeing and vitality. Its ingredients include a unique mung bean sprout powder and patented green oat extract. Saliva tests have proven that the elements help free up testosterone in males. Our patients in Cañon City who use it have seen improved energy, libido, sexual performance, strength, endurance, motivation, and drive.

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